What is Vestry and Who are our Vestry People




What is the Vestry?


·     Directed by our rector, the vestry is a team of our Parish members to lead the church 


The Vestry 


·     Helps to discern the vision toward which God is drawing our Parish 


·     Articulates and communicates that vision into a mission 


·     Holds the Parish accountable to both the vision and mission 


Vestry Organization 


·     The Vestry consists of:


o  2 Members Who Serve as “Wardens” 


§  Must be members of the congregation for a period of not less than 2 years 


§  Senior warden – Called the “Rector’s Warden,” this person is an enthusiastic supporter and co-worker with the Rector and helps guide the Rector


§  Junior warden – Called the “People’s Warden,” this individual has oversight of the church building and grounds 


o  6 Members Who Oversee Specific Responsibilities


§  Must be members of this Parish who regularly attend worship services throughout the year


§  Are elected at our Annual Parish Meeting for a term of 3 years


·     Secretary/Treasurer 


o  Takes minutes of the Vestry meetings, handles any filing, etc. 


o  Is responsible for collection, reception, and disbursement of funds, and gives a report to all Parish member during the Annual Parish Meeting


·     Our Vestry is organized into committees; they are listed below 


·     At least one member of the Vestry serves each of these committees but does not have to be its leader


Who is on Our Vestry Now?


Current Vestry Members


·    Alan Fleissner, Senior Warden, Worship

·    Gene DiPrimio, Junior Warden, Property

·    Derek Harrington, Treasurer

·    Holly Ruble, Outreach & Mission

·    Keith Doughton, Fellowship, Education