Facts About Christ's Church

Basic Facts of our Parish

Parish Fact Sheet

About Christ’s Church, Greensburg 


       We are a small Anglican church located in downtown Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  First established in 1823, we are one of the oldest churches in this region and have a long history full of rich traditions, poignant sacrifices, and amazing stories.  


       We are affiliated with the Anglican Church of North American and are a member of its Pittsburgh Diocese.  We typically have two Sunday morning Communion services: our 8:00 am service that does not have a music and a 10:30 am service that does. 







              Rector: The Reverend Jeff Wylie


              Deacon: The Reverend Gretchen Peske


              Honorary Asst Rector: The Most Reverend Robert Duncan


              Deacon Emeritus: The Reverend Ruth Manson



The Vestry 


The Vestry is a team of our Parish members directed by our rector to lead the church.  It helps to discern the vision toward which God is drawing our Parish.  It does this by articulating and communicating that vision into a vision statement and mission statement.  It then holds the Parish accountable to both the vision and mission 



Current Vestry Members


·    Alan Fleissner, Senior Warden

·    Gene DiPrimio, Junior Warden & Property

·    Marsha Tallant, Secretary & Treasurer

·    Dee Claiborne, Fellowship

·    Anny Yutz, Outreach & Mission

·    Amy MacMannis, Communications

·    Tom Thompson, Christian Education

·    Nick Lynch, Worship 







Parish Demographics




       Typical Sunday Attendance:


              8:00       40—45 


              10:30     75—80 




              Priests: 1


              Deacons: 1


              Clergy Emeritus: 2