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The rector's reflection on recent and upcoming parish events

Published Thursday, March 12, 2020

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update



Covid-19 Current Policies


Everyday we hear more about the “Coronavirus” (Covid-19) and its hard not to have questions, confusion and a sense of helplessness.  However, God calls his church in every global adversity to share Christ.  This is a time not to detach from ministry, but to embrace it.  The Clovid-19 virus calls Christians to remember to preach peace and trust of our Lord Christ, even use words if you have to.  

Fear not, but be responsible.  It is foolish for us to heed caution to the wind.  When we get into our cars, we don’t think about wrecking, but we put our seatbelts on instinctively.  Remember the first time you had to put a seatbelt on, I can assure you it took time and felt awkward.   In this short phase of our life, we are called to spread out in public, stay home if not well and modify our daily routines.  It is not because we don’t trust God or filled with fear rather it is our civil duty to aide in slowing down the spread of a virus so that our healthcare system can manage.

Our church vestry made the following modification in the way we feed through our Lenten season.

1.  No processing or Recessing for services

2.  Receiving the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ with the Bread alone, encouraging distance and prudence.

3. No Contact Peace at end of service

These services are to remind us and pray for those who are in quarantine and isolation and our peace is to reflect upon those who have fear and anxiety.  We are to lean into these times with prayer, love and peace.

In Christ’s Love, 


Fr. Jeff+